Finding Different Coloring Styles 1

Heyo.  Finding a coloring style I’m happy with is very difficult.  Sometimes though, it’s actually better to have multiple styles of coloring as it provides different looks and feel that may be necessary for your project.

The below piece was done on my Asus again.  I actually did it last night but I was too tired to post it.  Simple coloring, nice lines, but it seemed to look really nice to me.  It’s that still unnamed character I designed.

This Asus is making me very happy!


Elysa Hall

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Elysa is a writer, artist, and gamer. Cat lady to her cats Harle and Quinn. Loves books and secretly wishes she had the library from Beauty and the Beast.

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One thought on “Finding Different Coloring Styles

  • Poppins

    I like the colors here because they move away from some of the primary or darker colors I often see in your work. There’s something *older* in this drawing–meaning 100 years ago or so. I like seeing your experiments.