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There are some characters that have been in my head, or on paper, for a very long time. Granted when you’re younger, your concepts are never that extraordinary for them. So later on, you decide to change some things about them. Usually an update to their clothes, sometimes to the spelling of their name. Occasionally you realize their back story is cliche and terrible (which, is quite often true as well).

When I was in high school, my best friend Sherryl and I had written about 70 pages for a novel. We had to stop due to personal reasons. The characters still primarily stuck with us.

I had redesigned the character that I was attached to the most, quite a few times.  It was difficult, even more so when I decided to redesign her again, for a short comic.

She was a strong character, combat was her expertise. Due to her nature, and the nature of her species, it became really difficult to design her outfit. I didn’t want another cliche skimpy outfit, and when designing I tried to stay away from that path. Unfortunately, this character has been with me for so long, that she kept screaming in my head that the outfits were too much. “Less less less!” she would say.

She had her way in the end. I was satisfied knowing that what it finalized as, felt like her, and not something forced upon her.

With her new look, I decided to revise her name.


It was quite a new experience doing a full blown concept exploring for me. I kept exploring shapes that I liked, and even tried things that I would definitely never decide on, but the shapes there in gave me other ideas.

I look forward to trying more!

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